More than a realtor

“We selected Kimberly because we saw a sign with her name and picture and she had sold that particular house in 24 hours.  The first time my husband and I met Kimberly to list our home with her, she already had all the information on our home.  She told us something wasn’t right with the square footage.  She and my husband walked our entire property on a rainy cold evening.  Remember, we haven’t even signed a listing contract with her yet.  Turns out, we had almost 300 square feet more than originally thought.  For someone to do that, this took some time, really meant a lot to us.  She is a very dedicated realtor and you will always hear back from her within a matter of a couple of minutes.  I would consider Kimberly more than a realtor; she is a friend and a good listener too.  I highly recommend Kimberly for any real estate needs.”

— Lisa & Kevin Rudolph