Open houses used to be standard for real estate agents when selling a home. However, now that most buyers use the internet to research and shop for homes, the need for an open house is sometimes questioned. As a professional real estate agent, I recommend for the majority of my clients to hold an open house.

The current thought for some in the real estate industry is that most sellers do not receive an offer at the open house. While this is true, many other benefits come from hosting an open house.

Benefits of an Open House for Sellers

Convenient for Buyers

Holding an open house gives potential buyers a convenient opportunity to see your home. Most open houses are held on Sunday afternoons. Because of the standard time, homebuyers can view many homes in one afternoon.

 This also helps buyers who are at the early stages to get a feel for a neighborhood and the quality of the homes. Even if they do not make an offer on the day of the open house, they may be motivated to come back for a scheduled visit with their real estate agent.

Rule Out Uninterested Buyers

Hosting an open house can save both you and your real estate agent from countless scheduled showings. The open house may rule out many potential home buyers that are not interested in your home. Instead of having to clean and leave your home for showings, you can have many different people see the home in one afternoon.

Neighbors Will Come Look

Many of the visitors at open houses are your neighbors. Some real estate agents view this as a disadvantage, but I see this as an opportunity. Your neighbors likely already love your neighborhood. They are an asset to share valuable information about the community to the potential homebuyers visiting your home during the open house.

Additionally, if your neighbors love your home, they may recommend it to friends and family who may be potential homebuyers. Neighbors checking out your open house should be viewed as a benefit.

Attract First-Time Buyers

Often, first-time buyers start their home search by attending open houses in desirable areas. While this is beneficial to your real estate agent because they have a chance to attract these first-time buyers to their client list, it also benefits the seller.

First-time buyers may not yet know what they are looking for in a home. Your open house is a chance to impress these potential buyers.

For a successful open house, the key to is work with a qualified real estate agent. The point of an open house is to gain visibility and attention for your home. It gives your real estate agent an opportunity to show your home at its best. Unlike when the buyer’s agent shows the home, your agent will highlight all the benefits and features of your home to create a positive and desirable impression.

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