Smart technology is the current trend to update and modernize your home. While many high-end options are available to transition your home’s technology, there are a growing number of budget friendly products. The key is to understand your needs and what types of smart products are available.

The first step in modernizing your home with smart technology is to prioritize your needs. As the homeowner, you should consider what is most important to you and your family. Also, consider how each element may impact the overall value of your home.

If you are primarily concerned with convenience while you are at home, you may find focusing your budget on entertainment and lighting are priorities. However, if you often travel, energy efficiency and security may be of higher importance.

Four Main Types of Smart Devices:

Energy Efficiency

Adding a programmable thermostat to your home will help save on heating and cooling energy costs. A smart thermostat allows homeowners to control and change the temperature settings in their home. With most smart thermostats, you can preprogram temperature adjustments or manage easily using an app on your smart phone.

While Nest is the most well-known brand on the market, many other brands offer smart thermostats for under $200.


Home security has never been easier to implement. The smart home market offers a variety of options for home security tools. Features like doorbell cameras, garage door remotes, smart locks, smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors are now readily available.

The price range for this category varies greatly; however, many products are available for under $100.


From smart lightbulbs to smart light switches, you can control the lights in your home from your couch or your vacation destination using your smart phone. Many options are also voice compatible making it easy to dim or turn off lights. Think of it as the modern version of the clapper.

Smart lighting can add up quickly. While prices for light bulbs and smart light switches fall primarily between $15 and $50, you may find it most cost effective to update in the most used areas of your home first.


Smart entertainment may be the most popular area for home modernization. Products like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home offer hands free entertainment control. While these products can integrate to control other smart areas like lighting, they are most often used for audio or visual entertainment.

The other big area for entertainment are smart televisions and home entertainment systems. All of these entertainment options vary in price, but you can start integrating smart entertainment options for under $100.

For homeowners on a budget, you have many options to start modernizing your home with smart technology. Prioritize your needs and add features over time. Make sure as you begin to purchase your smart technology that you choose products that will work for the home hub you will purchase to control your various smart tools.